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👋 Introduction

Hello! Welcome to the official documentation page of the SatoshiSwap protocol
Important note! There will be 2 tokens which are being fully backed and integrated within the SatoshiStreetBets ecosystem:
  • SatoshiSwap. BSC token and a serious DeFi protocol.
  • "SecondToken (unnamed)". ETH token. Absolutely not meant to be taken seriously. This is a pure YOLO move and is just for fun. Yes it's a meme token but will also have utility.
These will be distributed in equal amounts to everyone who takes part in the Presale (Fair Launch Auction) as described in this link here: Presale Overview

What is the SatoshiSwap Protocol?

SatoshiSwap is a decentralized margin trading protocol that enables traders to easily open leveraged trading positions on BSC trading pairs and enables holders to earn a multitude of passive revenue streams.
It's designed to be as easy to use as PancakeSwap - hook up your MetaMask wallet, select a trading pair and then open your highly leveraged long or short position!
The token itself is a utility governance token that empowers holders to vote on the key decisions on the future of the project via the SSB DAO upon network maturity. The token is also designed from the ground up to passively reward participants that hold it in a variety of different ways (click here to see Rewards section)

Backed by the legendary SatoshiStreetBets

SatoshiStreetBets is a community of 750,000 diamond handed traders that was founded on Reddit in February 2020 and expanded onto other networks including Telegram, Discord and Twitter.
When we refer to SatoshiStreetBets we are collectively referring to all of our community across our different networks.
SatoshiSwap is the official cryptocurrency of SatoshiStreetBets and will be integrated deeply into the community across Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit and other future platforms.
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