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💪 Key Features

  • 100% on-chain decentralized margin trading on the BSC network
  • Margin positions are tokenized as composable NFT's enabling in the future more sophisticated financial instruments to be built on top of the protocol (DeFi lego bricks)
  • No KYC, no AML, no middle-men. 100% unbreakable, permissionless smart contracts
  • Decentralized price oracle system with no reliance on external third parties (e.g. no chainlink)
  • High flexible, extensible vault architecture opens the door to easily adding further DeFi products
  • Built using battle-tested DeFi source code: PancakeSwap AMM and well-known lending protocols
  • Web UI for intuitive, easy-to-use margin trading that's as simple as using PancakeSwap
  • Can easily be extended onto other networks and integrated with other DEX's
  • Leverage amounts can be scaled as high as the lending pools allow
  • SatoshiSwap isn't just a margin trading dex, it also functions as a standard AMM swapping DEX like PancakeSwap as well
  • Backed by the legendary SatoshiStreetBets community and fully integrated within it