🗣️ Marketing

The founder of SatoshiStreetBets, David Gilbert, is leading the SatoshiSwap project and has a vast experience of building up followings in cryptocurrency. For example:
  • Organically grew the SSB twitter from 0 to 64k followers
  • Organically grew multiple crypto Telegram groups to 100k+ members
  • Founded Moonshot Monday as a popular crypto competition that's driven growth across all SSB platforms
  • Founded SSB on Reddit and has been promoting and managing it on a day-to-day basis since it's inception from 0 to half a million members
David will be implementing everything he has learned in crypto marketing when it comes to SatoshiSwap. The majority of people leading various crypto projects struggle to market effectively and efficiently. And the few that get lucky often fail to understand how to retain their members. David has been involved in cryptocurrency for 8 years and has been a programmer for even longer and can code smart contracts, meaning the person leading the project and marketing efforts understands the protocol inside and out.
And of course, the biggest weapon we have in our arsenal: the SatoshiStreetBets army. We will be extensively promoting SatoshiSwap and our meme token week-in, week-out across the entire SSB network and ingraining it within the community.