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🧪 Next DeFi Product

Work is already under way for our next DeFi product, for which we have a proof of concept and an additional third idea we are also toying with. The explicit goal is that all rewards from any future DeFi products will 100% flow towards SatoshiSwap token holders.
To prevent copy-cats, we are keeping the nature of these ideas a closely guarded secret but at the time of writing they inhabit under-explored areas which we believe are ripe for development in the DeFi space.
As progress is made and published, it will underline our commitment to SatoshiSwap being a long-term protocol with continual additions to look forward to in the future.
A lot of shadowy individuals work on a token and then jump ship and work on the next project and the next project. This isn't how we will be operating. We spent a long time building up SatoshiStreetBets and we'll be working on SatoshiSwap as a long term project as well.