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🧨 Risk Statement

In any DeFi project you should only invest what you can afford to lose and SatoshiSwap is no different. We make no guarantee about the future price of SatoshiSwap and there is a financial risk involved by taking part in the project.
If you want to enjoy a token which is backed by the legendary SatoshiStreetBets community and isn't exposed to any of these typical DeFi risks, you should consider our other token - "SecondToken" (meme ETH token).
With potential high returns come potential high risks.
We have taken great steps to ensure risks are minimized for all participants but there is no guarantee losses won't occur to traders or investors. This should be a standard statement attached to all DeFi projects and is not isolated to SatoshiSwap.

Risks To Lenders

"Black swan" extreme market movement

Risks To Traders


Risks To Yield Farmers

Impermanent loss

Risks To Everyone